Most used makeup products in may

Marc Jacobs Beauty : Eyeshadows the Tease, amazing palette, i love the colours, they are purples and pinks, they are very pigmented and soft like butter. Mac Brush n 217: i use this brush for my palette. This is the most amazing brush i have ever used. I use it in the corner, the darkest eyeshadow to give a smokey eye. Nars Blush Orgasm: most popular blush from Nars, pinkcoral , a lot of pigmentation and it last all day long Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat n 2: i use it as a highlighter above thw cheecks, nose, above the lip and under eyes, to take away black circles. Tom Ford Lipstick Spanish pink: perfect Nude, Tom Ford lipsticks are my absolutely favorites. They are butter for your lips, you have to try them, they are expensive but they last forever and they are gorgeous. A lipstick cost 49 euros. Dior Addict Fluidstick n 219 Whisper Beige: new formula they are lipgloss and lipstick at the same time with great pigmentation. They mosturaize the lips as well


Idag har jag varit ledig, det blev lite shopping på stan. Sen på kvällen blev det middag ute med älsklingen på Invito, italiensk restaurang i Umeå, mycket god mat.  
Imorgon ska jag jobba natt men först ska vi boka sommar resan till Italien ohhhh som jag längtar....
Today i just went to the city for some shopping, i bought some basics clothes at H&M, Saint Tropez bronzing mousse selftan, a nailpolish and some other things for a party.
Then tonight i went out for dinner with my love at Invito, an italian restaurang, really god food, they mixed italian and north of sweden s traditions.
Tomorrow night i'm working but first we will booked our trip to Iyaly for the summer, so exciting i cant wait. ..
What i was wearing : coat: Burberry, Sunglasses: Prada, Pants and Shoes: H&M; Blouse: Zara; Bag: Chanel; Ring: Saintlaurent ; Bracelet: Hermes; earrings: Chanel