St. Petersburg, Russia

Me and my love have been to Russia for the weekend. The trip was amazing, i felt in love with St Petersburg, the city has so much to offer and the people are so welcoming and kind. We visited the Winter Palace, The Ermitage, the saviout Spilled Blood Church, the Kazan Church and the St. Isaks Church and so much more... on Saturday we went to see the Balett Romeo & Juliette at the Marinsky Theatre, a wonderful experience. We stayed at the Taleon Imperial Hotel, the most gorgeous hotel i have ever seen,with the best service. They had also a spa and pool at the top of the hotel. I went there on saturday for some body treatment and fascials. Best experience in my life. My love proposed to me whilst out in St Petersburg outside a beautiful church. I'm so happy and blessed.

Skin Perfection

I just bought a new day cream from L'Oreal that is called Skin Perfection. It supposed to mosturaize and reduce fine lines and minimize pores. I usually wait a couple of weeks before i give my honest opinion on a product, i want to use it a longer time, but this time i had to say that this product is amazing. It gav me results at the first try. I'm so impressed. I have used the Giorgio Armani daycream for the longest time and i always loved it so much, but now i have to say that i love this product even more that i want to try the serum as well