I'm obsessed with this brand. Celebrites like Kim Kardashian wear this brand. It's very formfitting and the quality is amazing. I want to use their amazing polo that are a must have for fall. They are 100% cotton and they are going to last a life time.
Wolford has it in a variety of different colours. You can use it under a skirt or jeans. It's just gorgeous

Eastern Tea House

I want to talk about this amazing chinese/ japanese restaurang that i absolutely love.
Their food is amazing and they have a lot to choose from. They have traditional chinese food and different kind of sushi. They also specialize in tea and in the menu you can find which tea is more suitable for your need, for example some tea is good for digestion, beauty or bloodpressure.


Om saturday i went to a friend's party. She has recently moved with her boyfriend to a new place and she wanted to have a parto to celebrate it. It was a maskerad party. I was Kim Kardashian allthough i thought i was probably more like Khloe Kardashian. 
It was a beautiful part, with very nice people
My two Pieces dress is fron H&M
Shoes Zara
Bag Valentino