Bootea Teatox

Hi loves, I want to talk to you a cleanse that i tried for two weeks, it is the Bootea for 14 Days. When you purchased it, you get a daytime bag and a bedtime bag. In the instruction it says that every morning you have to take a teabag for breakfast from the daytime bag. Every other evening before bedtime you have to take one teabag from the bedtime bag. I am very impressed with the results. I followed a strict diet for 2 weeks and drank a lot of water and just teatox tea and it felt like i had more energy and was feeling better in my own body, less swollen. I loose some weight but i Think it depends on the diet, but the teatox helps because it gives you motivation to be strict with the diet. The Tea has for exampel green tea, ginger, liquorice and other Spices, it tasted really good. I do love green tea so for me it was perfect.
I will probably repurchase it again because it did work for me.

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