I want to do a review on the Nivea After Shave Balm. Although it´s a product for men, i have been using it as a primer, before i do my makeup. I saw it for the first time on a tutorial by NikkiTutorials on Youtube and I knew I had to try it.
The reason why this product works so good as a primer is because it contains Glycerine as one of the main ingredients. For anyone that doesn’t know glycerine is very beneficial to the skin for many reasons.It is very lightweight so perfect as a primer as it doesn’t leave the skin packed with products. It is also colourless so great for any skin type. It works as a glue and that means that the makeup remains on the skin a long time. Glycerine helps the skin to look immediately hydrated and glowing,  it is also a very good anti aging ingredient.
The bottle is in glas and it looks expensive, it contain also a lot of product. It costs 79 kr. I bought mine at Kicks.
i love the feeling the balm has on my skin, it´s refreshing and the makeup looks flawless. The only problem i have with this product is that it doesn´t last as long as i would like it to do, but that´s because i have combination/oily skin. I think this product will work amazing on dry to normal skin.
I will still recommended for people with combination and oily skin because the makeup looks amazing when you applied it and it gives that glow and hidration the skin needs.
What i usually do is to apply powder on the face after i apply my foundation, that will keep your makeup last all day long.

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